Friday, June 25, 2010

i feel really touched seeing her post
thanks yuyunqi.
i gotta admit im not a very good friend.
wont ever be the one who organise the gathering,
and who dont put much effort especially when dealing with gifts,or little cards.
or somethg that a good friend will do.
seriously im not,
maybe im just being too me,self centered.
but the only thg i possess,
i am true to every friends i have, my gang.
and to yunqi,
sometimes i still feel guilty bcs you are too sweeeet.
the way u dote me, im so so touched.
as what i said before,
having you as my best friend is probably one of the precious treasure of my life. :')

today momo faced her friendship problem again.
seriously dunno why the other react like this
i hope she will be okay and get through it.
abit troubled with this issue.

anyway i still feel very glad to have my best friends.
no matter how long we din contact, how long we din meet, how long we din get mad together.
i know once i have you,
you girls will always be in my heart,no doubt.
because i own the MemoRies with each of you.
and sorry for being not a very helpful & nice friend.
to my good friends, the special ones
thanks for accepting me as your friend :)

and lastly,
a great great love to yunqi.
your uni life gonna start soon,
must take more pics on our last reunion before you go to uni!!!

and and,
i already get bored of my everyday repeated tasks,
type in data. lifeless...
feel so headache today in the office, my first time like that lah.
salary is gonna out, i should jiayou for money and experience.


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