Friday, March 20, 2015

I always wanted to share this nice restaurant that I really like and now finally I got the mood.
I celebrated my valentine day last year at Chez Papa
not on the actual date but a day after so we can enjoy with not too much crowd & also, reasonable price hehe

I chose this restaurant - Chez Papa French Bistro And Wine Bar all thanks to tripadvisor - its rated as No 1 dining restaurant in JB with alot of reviews & photos. 
Address: 38 & 40, Jalan Jaya, Taman Maju Jaya, Johor Bahru, Johor

And indeed, Chez Papa does not disappoint me at all :)
the restaurant is a shop lot nearby Pelangi Mall
I like the ambience, the lighting was dimmer and the environment is simple yet cosy.

outlook of Chez papa, with red doors

starter dish - onion soup, smoked salmon & baked escargot.

onion soup with cheese as recommended by bloggers, it tasted fine & nice for me, while for my boy its rather salty.

Baked escargot,another recommendation, but i think its average

A few pieces of salmon bcs I like raw salmon hehe

Here comes the main course, match perfectly with the white wine :)

first, this is a MUST to recommend this one (pic above) - Tuna Steak !!!
It was my first time to taste Tuna Steak and its really supreme & fresh!!!
all three flavours - sweet, sour & salty were in it if I recall back its taste.
The inner part of tuna was red, half raw.
Cant describe well enough but anyway,
both of us fell in love with it at the first bite
in fact this was ordered by my boy, I din like mine so he offered to exchange with me, such a sweet boy hoho

this was my order - Cod fish steak.
I would not order this if I know the english word of cod fish (鳕鱼), #my poor english
bcs I dont like the melting texture of cod fish, the meat is too soft for me.
But its nice according to the boy, he still prefers the tuna steak though.

We even tried to cook the Tuna Steak ourselves but it turned out fully cooked (still tasted nice).
Cooking Tuna requires professional skills, we also ordered Tuna Steak at another restaurant but it was..not to say bad, but normal.
So Chez Papa does a really good job!

end up this post with our selfies taken on that day 15.2.2014  


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