Saturday, July 28, 2012


♥Phuket普吉岛♥ Day 1

before i fgt bout the detail of my phuket trip, here i come to write about it!
a 3d2n trip! went on monday-23/7/2012. it did not include island package,
hope the next time if we cm again we get to explore the beautiful islands!
for the first time i participated in planning the itinerary :p
book the air ticket from airasia a year ago, rm150 per person.waited so long for this day to come!!!

excited excited phuket here we come!

a happy girl+a happy boy :DD

the flight takes around an hour. i thought that we just sat for a while, and we reached! lol
we were worried as it was raining when we got out from the plane. luckily it stopped soon after.
took taxi @650B from airport to patong. 40mins of distance.
fyi, you can also take minibus @150B per pax where you need to wait until full of 10 people to depart.

the resort we stayed was APK Resort & Spa, booked it earlier with cheap price :D

then it was time for lunch! 
we went searching for the famous mango sticky rice

woohoo!here it is!!!


this is how it looks! 

nice for me, veryyyy nice for kon, he really loves it. haahaa

the board with comments from visitors, obviously there are quite many Malaysians who came here! 
Patong was REALLY REALLY HOT. having ice lemon tea makes my day.

pineapple fried rice,find that they sure put腰豆inside,their土产。

next, went Jungceylon Mall. 
it was definitely spacious,can say is gigantic mall lol.


the traditional coca-cola bottle :)

we went looking for the famous agent-Tom. finally found him,his agency place was just around RayaBuri hotel. 
we bought 2 package from him-Simon Cabaret show and City Tour,the price was 1500B, excluding the Simon ticket which costs 600B per person.
took minibus for the Simon show, near our resort..

our ticket

buy some snacks bf the show starts

cannot take photo/video during the show or else you will be fined $50000. @@
the show was good,some was boring but some was very entertaining and professional..
the performers dance+ lip-sync..songs include english/chinese/korean/

after the show, you can take photo with them, but need to give tips, min 100B

this one with 'pink wings' is maybe the prettiest, 梦幻look.she acts like a real woman.some just kept ajak you and wave to you,which made you feel pressured..but the pink one, just stood there and she didnt ask for tips while others demanded, of coz people still gv her tips lu.

oopsssss 18++ the barbie girl is super funny,
during her performance, she (actually to me its him?look like反串) will go to front seats and kissed those 'lucky' guys and let them grab her 'boobs' lol.

i chose this one to take photo~~ all the girls are really tall with sexyyyy figure,i personally think its quite easy to recognise ahgua/变性人because they are normally tall,比较大只。

for me, the best thing about patong is their night market. though the famous night market is only available during weekends, there are still some stalls selling food/drink/clothes. I love the night market there :)


this is the special pork hotdogs with rice inside! the round-shaped one is niceee

stall selling fruit juice, i chose carrot juice-only 25B= ard rm2.5!

tried McDonald pork burger as well, not bad.

the corn pie which we dont have here in malaysia
x really like, too sweet,yuck for me..

the next thing was we walked back to our resort and REST.
it was quite tiring by walking all the day, but funnnn lar hehe.
thats all for my day 1


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