Tuesday, September 30, 2014

bad experience @D Image Salon and Academy

First, I would like to share this bad experience i had in this particular hair salon.

Bought the promotion from groupon which include scalp/hair treatment and hair cut for two pax.
Sis went Aussie so I have to find someone.
Friends couldn't make it. At last I made kon to go with me.
It was a super bad experience coz I feel cheated. Indeed I was.
Ok the story is like this...

lesson learnt: never buy those hair treatment/cut with value of only RM28 per person
only cheapskate people like me will be tricked into this promotion.
this salon was located at johor jaya, its a franchise of Hair Fancier at KL.
first we walked in, i notice there is no one else. 
they directly ask me to go for their scalp scan..it took around 30 mins??? 
and yeap my scalp was quite bad.
I have some dandruff problem, some red spots which trouble me quite a number of years.
so they told me the treatment i bought from groupon could not cure my problem, then suddenly they asked me to do their scalp treatment @rm318 and they will give a 30% discount and deduct the groupon i bought (RM48 value for 2 pax).
then i was like... its not worth at all!!! according to the groupon the promotion package i bought is worth RM200+ per person (of coz it was just a tactic to trick you!)
so i insist to do the treatment as per the groupon because i do not want kon to be troubled by them, and i told them i will come next time for the treatment they recommend.
who knows after my turn, they did the same thing to kon tooo.....
for me, he does not have any hair-related problem at all, i peeked through the screen of his scalp scanning and his scalp look so healthy lo, but they still keep hardselling their stuffs.
so we both did the hair cut and treatment as per groupon.
after that, they do that scalp scanning again to let us see the before & after....
anyway, i was a super easy victim to be influenced by those salesperson.
first, i was really concerned about my scalp problem, secondly, im the typical girl who does not know how to analyze, easily influenced by people, and doesn't know how to reject.

so the salesgirl continued to ask me to go for next treatment and said she will issue RM50 cash voucher, at first i thought she refers to a cash voucher gift (as it was stated in their website that free cash voucher will be given).
but what she means is I have to pay RM50 deposit first for the next treatment.
I asked, cant i pay for the treatment the next time I visit? then she says next time there will be no 30% discount. at that moment, i was determined to go for the treatment to cure my scalp problem so I surrendered and agreed. and she also asked me to buy a scalp shampoo @RM75.
we were there from 5pm to nearly 8pm because of their non-stop hardsell......
it made me feel so bad for kon as he suffers this experience with me.

so you seeeee, thats their scheme for people like me. i spent RM48 for thinking that it will be so worth but at the end I spent an extra RM125 after the visit.
kon, the smart people does not fall into their trap at all haha...
after going out from the salon, after being advised by kon, my parents, I realised i was really too dumb. 
if im using the right hair product, the problem will be cured, isnt it? they emphasized that my scalp problem will end up with hair loss, but for like 6 years I still have a super thick hair.
after a long consideration, i decided not to go for the next treatment, i would rather sacrifice that RM50.
if i go for that treatment, sure at the end they will tell me one time treatment is not enough and they will recommend me to buy other products, then it will go on and on.
i search about hair fancier from website and i find that other people have the same exact experience as mine.
anyway, just to share my experience here.tata


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