Thursday, August 2, 2012

Olympics Fever

Thanks to Olympics i never feel bored staying at home thesedays.
watched everyday and i was soo sooo into it!
swimming, diving, pingpong, archery, badminton, gymnastics..
all are so exciting and touching.
the sport that touched me the most is nevertheless the Gymnastics.
truly touched by the athletes who gave 110% effort.
there are so many events they have to perform, and they couldnt even afford a single mistake.
one mistake will just completely change their ranking. Pressure=100%
feel the ache when i saw they fell down, especially after some difficult moves.
just finished watching Men's Gymnastics Individual All-Around,
Kohei Uchimura from Japan won the gold medal, happy for him :)
he made some mistakes during the team gymnastics that he looked so disappointed and sad, now he finally retrieved his happy smile when he won in the individual's.
also happy for Michael Phelps who just won his first Gold in the 4x200m freestyle event.
Olympics Fever still going on. hohoho



Florence said...

i like to watch the archery ! got one guy malaysia very handsome! haha!

llx said...

haa got oh..i got saw two malaysians competing archery,then the malay very geng and won,din notice another,mayb hes the one you said handsome. xD

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