Friday, November 29, 2013

Things get better for my working life.
I started to have some jobs to do lol. and I also adapted to this new environment.
I like the environment, the colleagues, it doesnt get you stressed bcs you feel more flexible
I can say its so much different from my ex-company
but i understand that the culture is certainly similar for most of the multinational company
alot of deadlines, everyone is busy with their work and stress gila, time difference with the HQ (overseas country), getting used to people leaving the co. all this mostly applied to finance department.
and its very normal.
the good thing is you develop alot and may get more opportunities.
but this is not the thing for me. I simply dont like this kind of working environment.
or maybe the only problem is my superior bcs i get along quite well with every other colleagues ><
I cant work with a boss under the circumstances that we both tak ngam at all.
its important to have a boss who you can really communicate with and have some connection, and willing to guide you want you to grow not just treating you as a subordinate.
during my interview with the ex-co, I already have a bad feeling.
Whereas during my job hunting lately,I got 2 offers and both bosses are really good in my first impression. I can see they care the subordinate, especially the boss which I turned down the offer, she told me she wont let her subordinate suffer/受委屈..very nice right!
While another boss kept asking me to pursue a higher professional certificate when he saw my results
Seeing the difference of all my interviews I know its a straightforward thing
you just need to talk more to find out the boss characteristics.
then you know it and sense it whether the job is the right choice for you.

anyway, I am happy now with my current job
Though I know there will be more challenges coming and I might get busy, but with the right people with the good boss I am willing to be fully committed.
If you want me to say a minus point,
I dont like working half-day on every saturday or probably friday for next year.
Seriously hate to come to office every saturday
but as time goes by, I have to get used to it and I will



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