Wednesday, November 13, 2013


happy birthday 12.11.2013


my turn to be 23 this year and mum's turn to be xx. haha for me she always look young and pretty and fair!
she cut a short hair and I really like it, my first time to see her with this style, kinda cool.
happy birthday mummy! seeing her enjoying her life with vacations I feel happy for her.
one day I must belanja her traveling expenses and travel with her to the places she likes!
celebrated with my favourite chocolate cake bought from mayflower, had it since young :D
and suggested a barbq steamboat on this saturday, hope can make it lah hehe

All I can say is this year is full of new and sudden and dramatic experiences.
eg. resignation of job - was planning to do so since last year lol
choose a job which I need to work on saturday, before this I never wanted to work in any company that needs to work with alternate saturday. but my current company works every saturday.
this is really unexpected! wish me all the best for my new journey.
and alot more happened this year, and we are trying our best.
it will be our new journey too.


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