Saturday, March 15, 2014



so long that I never posted updates here.....
not that i lost passion in blogging
have been using mobile blog since last year november lol..
much more convenient.
But blogger is still better in terms of writing/venting out manyyyyy words & posting many photos.

I wanted to update my last day of my bangkok trip which was half year ago (Aug 2013) and my CNY so much, but failed. T_T

this time around not gonna do it because its 12.40am.
hopefully will update more often~~~

Already work for 4 months for this job.

So far so good!
I like my job I like my boss I like my colleague I like my working environment I love the culture.
Started to get busy as more job scopes were being assigned, sometimes will get abit stressed but its in a positive way :)

while having long distance relationship with the boy. also so far so good :D cant wait for our next vacation.

considered as my dream vacation list! I love beaches, I love crystal clear sea. yeahoo~

while... tomorrow is my sis's BIG DAY!

shes gonna register her marriage with her bf, feel so happy for her :D

goodbye my dark 2013, my 2014 is starting off so well, and its gonna get better and better and more delightful :D


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