Thursday, December 22, 2016

bye to 2016

2016 is ending in 8 days
i used to write year resolution in this blog, always wish that my new year is good in terms of career/relationship/family/etc...

hows 2016?
to be honest, its a good year for my career & studies
i got a promotion and two salary increments - during Jan & Jul
im thankful and i appreciated this recognition, no matter what other people have said/commented, im grateful towards my boss who had guided me so much.
i thank him for encouraging me to start my CPA when i was still young, i thank him to put priority in my studies and always approving my study leave, be it one week, two weeks...
hes a boss who values my personal development but not only for the company's benefits.
i wouldn't complete my CPA so soon without this flexibility given by him.
he has left the company at a good timing, as i have already got his acknowledgement on my experience and i am now officially a CPA.
I hope to get a new job to have a better future.

relationship wise..
i have ended my 6 years relationship with a guy.
he used to be mentioned in this blog for so many times
i can say that we broke up every year,
its never been stable.
we always broke up and regretted and reconciled.
but this year, the broke up was for real
i tried to pursue & gave up at the end
almost half year has gone
i have gone through so much in this half year
endless reflection

will i regret?
maybe yea maybe no

yea because this guy was treating me so nice in these entire 6 years
he was loyal, caring, sweet, romantic.. he was a good boyfriend.
we traveled to so many places and had so much sweet memories
we were so attached to each other
he was the only one i gave in to, he taught me to grow up to be understanding, to be considerate, to be a better person.

no because..
we have different values
i always felt that this relationship lacked of connection
problem was never solved because of our inability to communicate with each other
inability to convey our message and causing endless misunderstandings and damages
i could never be myself.
i felt drained out in this relationship at last....
no matter how hard it is to let go, i have to make a decision.
we were just meant to be couple, not lifetime partner.
or i would say, we could not pass the obstacles, we failed.
im not matured enough to be in a relationship, at least it taught me a lesson.
whatever it is, it no longer matters.
no need to be a beggar.

single life is hard because i was once too attached to him.
emptiness, loneliness...
but human is adaptable
i am free, no longer have to cover up.

family wise..
thanks to my dear jie..
a new member joined in our family this Aug!
our precious wenwenbaby.

friendship wise..
its still as awesome as ever
there is a breakthrough as I am going to have the first ever overseas trip with my jimuis..

what is my 2017 resolution?
I just wish that I can be happy.
to have more savings and
enjoy my life


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