Wednesday, February 3, 2010

the front view is quite niceeee.. =)

her name is yingshin,my cute classmate =)

the lake, u cn feel the breeze standing here,nicee.

the girl standing there is another my cute classmate - tiara :)

i love our library the most..soo many sofasss :D
feel comfortable and it is definitely much better than library of tbs!
i only went to tbs library not more than 10 times i think lol

i dont really like our lecture hall.

prefer LT12,beautiful view yaa.

ehem yea this would be a boring post.
just to share some photos of my new college.
thats the end hoho

...3 days of my term 2 passed, yet im still lazy to touch those.
the case studies.argh so demotivated to do it.
i dont feel like studying/doing anythg associated with the studies.
wosei :(




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