Thursday, February 18, 2010

my cny in 2010.
i didnt play any poker or mahjong. :(
no gambling this long didnt play dao lao er dy lah.
hongbao is getting lesser and lesser.
but one of my uncle woah he gv large amount im so happy and surprised!
went bk to hometown - kluang on 除二..
met huiyu my cousin and we chat :)
the puzzle solved.last time i thought our friendship was flattened
bcs too long didnt contact.i forgot she is also one of my 知心朋友。
i told her alotss of mine,she did too.oho she said im getting matured (=
today 二舅them came to our house and we had dinner.
my mum cooked 7 dishes, i helped her -frying hotdogs,taiwan sausage,sotong and many..

this afternoon i had done one meaningful task,helping mum cleaning our old house.
at 1st i felt so lazy and declined to go,as i was still wearing the pyjamas.
i always feel so lazy at home.xD
then,mummy mentioned about jie,how good she is.
so i changed my mind,ohya im guilty.ha.
menyapu & mop sambil listening to walkman of my sony.the feeling was great.
knew that i had never help out for my family my home.
i loved to bicker over matters involving myself in house chores,very kedekut.
not a good daughter, but i will try to be better. =)
would control my unreasonable grudge,do complain less but do things willingly.
i believe mummy does see some changes in me,at least? :)

my gbc assignment was up last last week.have no direction.
has to be handed on 5th april. this is gonna be a tough one.
i shall slack still. xD


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