Saturday, February 20, 2010

A great holiday

simply like this picture.
piano has become part of my life for 14 years.
and i love it to the max.
and this was the 1st time i had pic with piano..hee at tyan house.
credit to yunqi :)
whenever the time im emo-ing/moody/sad, i would just sit and play for many hours.
bcs,piano will heal it.
hmm but now,not that free & had rare chance to touch the piano,
im no longer that passionate.

glad that our lakeside campus has an awesome keyboard wohoo!

yesterday met with HIPS the gang again.
went to all houses of three of them. yay yippie!
frankly, its my 1st time go their house 拜年! heheeeez.
第一站,绮 第二站,佃 & 第三站,妮
then at nny house, i reminded to take photo at sofa there hohoo.


changes in time showed changes in look of the person.hahahahaa.
but we are still the best gang!
this would nvr change,
our heart remains constant.
hips hips hooray!
after 拜年,went for brunch.
after brunch, went to qi's house again.
after taking some photos, time to say byebye bcs they all had somethg going on.
take turn to take photo with each member of the gang. =)

heart u girls!

at night went to 二舅 house to have dinner.
today attended housewarming of my mummy's friend.
and tomoro gonna visit cuien my cute friend!
wow so busy my holiday.
coz normally during holiday i rot at home,haa.

enjoyed my cny & the holiday.
and actually,this year i still got quite lots of angpao! ;D
havent counted yet,so lazy.

im puzzled with this long ago, due to repetitive comments from ppl around me.
i dislike the comment that most of the ppl who see me,they will say,

since i was 6 yrs old, i always heard ppl saying that to me.
im getting so sick of this comment.
and they do not know i eat alot,i mean..
the amount i consume is considered high enough.hello!im a typical饭桶。
but i dont like tidbits, this could be the reason.
i believe they wont believe even i tell whoever i do eat,and i eat much.
getting so bobian lar, the impression i give ppl is like
lack of nutrients, tortured............self control.
self control??!! commented by my papa!
but seriously im not.
i enjoy my life with food.
so stop saying that to me,i will get fat someday.
bcs girls who are thin during young days get fat when they're old.
i guess this would happen to me too.
phew..even my papa mama also criticized my figure..
everytimes i wore tight shirts or pants,sure gonna receive some criticism from them.

my holiday gonna ends.
i love holiday,but..
y do we have so much holidays?
no mood in studying pun!
degree is stressful, maybe due to that,we are given holidays.
suppose to do some research on the assignments,
but holiday isnt associated at all with the studies.
haix.thats y i love and hate holiday sometimes.


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