Monday, March 1, 2010

All the Best

last 3 days.
i wasnt at subang.
went to pantai remis in perak.
overall had fun there.
wooo no mood to update bout that.
one thg to point out,
i always wanted to go pulau.
like 1 year and a half didnt go dy,last time was during aussie trip in year end of 2008.
finally i got this wish fulfilled.
a place called teluk batik,went to beach over there.
its nice,but someday i still need to go to pulau langkawi!
pulau redang too,i miss pulau redang!
my pulau langkawi trip was cancelled,mum called the berjaya.
full until december.fiew!
so yun nan trip is possible for me?
depends on mummy,on whether she wants to spend money for
then she said during hari raya > pulau tioman trip! yay yippie hooray yo!

i had to admit i played alot.
neglected my studies.soooo in holiday mood still.
must get rid of it.
i need to get back on study life,its not about 'chill' anymore.term 2 is crucial! CRUCIAL.
DO NOT PROCRASTINATE. well i wont forget what papa said even im sicked of his nag.
but his nag does make point. papa i love you mama i love you.
i love my family,i miss them lotz.
i hope papa cn join us if yun nan trip is had been so long we did family vacation. :(

please,get back to studies. u this lazy bum.

shyan had her 1st study day today.wish her all the best in making friends and her studies!jiayou.

edit is definitely not needed for this kind of photo. ;) nature is the best.


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