Tuesday, February 23, 2010

just say it out.

As promised, to write this post associated with my best friend yunqi hoho.
yuyunqi sent me a mms before i went bk to kl.
to show she miss me ;)
how sweeeeet she is... muacks muacks heheeee!
will pray for you =) dont think too much lah,result is already there,
think so much also no use dy rite? haha
but i could certainly understand what u feeling now.

good luck all the way!
ohoho and i love you.. xD

fried rice by my mummyyyy!
she knows that at subang i would not eat as good as at home.
sooo she fried rice for me,not the simply one,she cooked it with 100% love,
sure it tasted very nice and delicious.

today is my 1st uni day after cny.
feeeel very lazy.but glad to see my classmates =)
tomorrow got replacement at 8am,so cham.till 6pm.
dont like tutorials or lectures.soooo...
thursday please come faster.haha!

feel abit bushuang with somethg.
i dont like trick.
u know it but u pretend u dont know it.
just be true and say what u think/feel.
be honest and make it simple.
when the truth is exposed,admit it.
excuses would just make thg worse.
above are just my pure opinions, small matter anyway. (:

short post today.


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