Wednesday, March 10, 2010

just on phone with papa..
i know he feels happy with my result,
oh,my mid term was during january 14,thats the date i rmb.
2months passed,
5 subjects,only 2 of them we knew the results.damn slow =.=
they are ifa and ima. :)
but papa,this is just a mid term.
i have Zero confidence for the finals.
please be prepared for the worse k,dont hold high expectation papa! i beg you.
then, in the phone i complained my stuffs to him.
he said dont complain so much.
i talked back of course:“不跟你讲我还可以跟谁讲wor...!complain一下也不可以meh??
"okayokay" lol i just love my dad.thanks for listening my grudge. =)

he knows that i have many delays in doing my portfolios/assignments.
so he asked me not to think all in once,just do them one by one.
hmm quite a good strategy.

again,he said.
A good start means half a battle is won.
the 2nd time i heard this quote,1st time is from his sms.

so i have six battles to fight,to defeat.omg.

i feel extra dizzy and tired today.
anyway good luck for bsdm assignment and bitm portfolios.(bitm should be okay i think)


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