Tuesday, March 9, 2010

photoscape is still the favourite

im still soo into photoscape!!!!!

happy to see shyan's post,she had great birthday celebration over there,
such lovely seniors she has,and yanjun! :)
you are not alone..ohoho =D

yesterday on phone with yunqi!
we talked till 1.40am!
she said she wanna share somethg with me in msn & so she has to call me,
my mouth was wide open,bcs i totally wasnt expecting she was going to tell me this..
梁智强 who's married is having affair with a 22 year old young lady.
i was so..... i thought she has some 心事 to share.
instead it was the news about this director of singapore,totally uninterested,lol!
but then, after hearing how disappointed i was,
we continued our conversation with other topics,my stressful life & her boring holidays.
please appreciate your remaining holidays lah enjoy kay?
hahaaa,still love you very much yuyunqi! :D

okay, after the fun of photoscape
i shall go google and search for my mob research topic,


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