Wednesday, March 31, 2010

wowww today i woke up at 10.30am! woohoo the earliest time i got off the bed for this week.
thesedays had been woke up around 2pm. xD
now my whole face is filled with pimples :( tak boleh tahan.
but i just cnt make myself to sleep early in the night lah.
time is so precious for me to watch drama.

so today is such a miracle, morning morning i wake up in the morning!
thanks to who..??
Yu Yun Qi.
heeeee she is my driver to wake up so early today! ;D
we went to eat dimsum.
11am to 12.20pm. my time with this lovely lenglui.ohoho
love you and pls dun miss me too much :)

i guess i have to start doing my assignments dy, really haiyoweiyar.
maybe before that i shall first continue my drama >美人心计
by 林心如,杨幂(gorgeous!),胡杏儿,孙菲菲...
its so much better than 宫心计yor, love the plot of this drama.
and and and...!
lenglui also alot!!! most of them from china.
china indeed has more typical beauties :)


shes quite pretty,got qi zhi,her name is 王丽坤


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