Wednesday, July 27, 2011

one month of intern

I started intern on 22 june,now already 27 jul~
getting salary soon.
thinking whether to use salary to buy phone or
use them to play?
pa said,if buy phone le later cnt spend too much during my uni life.
he's hinting me..xD coz last time i went travelling spend alot.
knowing wat he did is for my own good,let me realise money is hard to earn & too easy to spend
i guess i will sacrifice those salary for my new phone..
means this month & next month will contribute to the new phone~
>few hundred bucks left (sep 1-sep 22 de salary) :'(

btw, now no more going out with ms loh..
staying in office key in ubs..
kinda miss thosedays going out with her
checking a/c outside is much more relaxed compared to staying office all the day.
anyway,still glad,and get along well with her too,we chat alot during lunchbreak/in car :D gonna miss her~

*last friday,kwl came jb,we met again,he stayed until this monday morning..
:) great weekend with him
me & sotzai
okay,short update~ 2pm,gotta start working bye..


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