Thursday, July 28, 2011

salary! yippieyippie yeah!

well well well i got my salary!!
ohyeah gotta say my office is soo efficient! :D
came in 23 june,just work 5 days and got my first salary.
blink eyes,july end comes and i got my 2nd salary!
*shake butt*
immediately sms-ed papa mama and kwl~
papa: good
me: cn buy phone le!
papa: ok

mama: good.kfc.
(hahaha! but abit scare kfc ler~shall treat crab? hiakhiak)

told papa i wanted to buy samsung galaxy,
he said samsung laoya cannot tahan..
and it puzzles me again,i had samsung as my first phone when i was 15.
really not tahan. how how how.
go back to nokia which i always wanted to buy? i never own nokia phone before.
hmmmmm lets give myself more time to think bout it ;)

and nuffnang also pleased me! :D

next monday is holiday too! yeahyeahyeah.

this saturday gonna meet my dear cuien! almost a year din meet her le!

great july, I love july too!


Joyce said...

Haha...i also feel very happy to get my salary today!woohoo~~~n i can't wait for our 3 days holidays~~~~~~><'

llx said...

haha! tmr is friday lor! so fast :DDD

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