Saturday, August 6, 2011

outing with cuien!!!

finallyyyyy coming here to update my outing with ah en!
this was last saturday-3o july 2011
11am her brother fetched us to bus stop~~
then,our hearttalk starts from the time we waited bus
till 6pm our talk nvr stops except the movie time haha xD
im completely surprised when she told me it was TWO YEARS
we din meeet.
the last time we met & had proper chat is during aug 2009.
and i visited her in feb 2010 during cny,but just a short stay~
haha! really cant believe such a bad fren!
but cuien, i nvr forget ure the best friend who i known for 8 years.
we chat mostly about relationship,
details shall be p&c.
shes a strong and nice girl,
always that cheerful where you couldnt feel her sadness.(on the surface)
while I, show up my super emo face whenever Im not happy..
this is soo soo not good..
shes the one who's so passionate & devoted whenever in love.
while I, still a girl who needs to learn much more in this.
enjoy the sharing between us.
Love your smile always, your cute voice too!
though u always say my sound is cute, but yours is much much more cute~ haha!
we went watch Wuxia,
thr are quite many interesting parts but what i dont really fancy is
the 'opera'~~
and I think the title doesnt really suit the movie lor.
cuien, if you happen to read this,
dont forget to find me horrr, haha! fetch me go eat haoliao during my lunchbreak xD

I have my new phone :)
all come up soo sudden
one night, i merely asked papa: i thought you say wanna bring me buy phone.
(i actually waited few days quietly)
he: lets go~
haha! so i quickly changed to formal suit,coz he said i wear way too childish
later kena ‘敲’ by the sales person.
he told me we were to just go and make an order,
who knows when we step in the shop..
i said i wan samsung, ngam ngam hou there's a 'display samsung phone'
so shes selling to us with discount of around 10%
its quite a great deal and papa said OK.
but when i was just wondering, do we have the money?
i saw he took out his purse, i nvr thought he already came prepared.
im so touched and happy.
though口头上 said use my salary, but its actually saved in the educational fund.
the fact is, i still used his money.
i gotta be a good good girl,thanks my dearest papa.
I will appreciate this new phone, will use it as long as i could.
I love the phone im using now, its like an iphone to me~


Shu Min Lim said...

so conincident, my friend also bought this phone recently....

llx said...

haha its quite a hot phone ma xD

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