Friday, September 23, 2011

Free from work

just end my intern yesterday.. 3 months internship,its so fast!
since today, i will be having one week of holiday.
HOLIDAY, yesssss
= stay at home,tv whole day,online whole day,eat whole day,being rot the whole week!
hahaaaaa i just simply love to stay at home, dont really like having many activities & going out.
after one week, gotta start my degree last year d. time passed so fast lar.

so about my work,
i actually was being quite negative when we, the account staff helped audit department to do their audit for one BIG company which had 15 branches.
but seriously, thats the time when i really started learn new thing.
okie at first,we (4 young staff-im yet the one who worked longest-2 months+)
were told to audit bcs the audit department is lacked of staff..
so,we were given last year audit file & softcopy, and assigned tasks.
P&L,balance sheet-current liabilities,current assets blabla.
Just like that, we have to start doing working papers, just with guidance frm the file & softcopy.
everything starts from zero.
all of us were having hard time doing it.
with no knowledge on audit & the company nature.
I even cried during the start of this audit work.bcs i feeeeeel extremely lost.
and thinking, why we dont have any proper people to ask- like supervisor..
2 weeks, after trial and error, meeting all the difficulties~~
gradually i understand bit by bit.
seriously I learnt alot from all the mistakes that i did.

after 2 weeks, the audit manager came to us,
ask bout our process, providing some guidance..
then, its time to go to client company,
audit manager & 2 more staff frm audit department joined us.
time to start my transaction test.
to move all the invoices here and there tired me
they are all so heavy! some types of the invoices are tied with nylon and you need to untie one by one to find the invoice u need to test,its even troublesome when you need to photostat
for sales transaction test, i had looked around 500 invoices to key in their details,to do checking.haha,its unbelievable~~
then, i did cut off test,(and i truly und wats cut off, i did study audit and come to the terms-cut off but i nvr know wat it really means until I experienced it)
its checking last 3 invoice before year end & first 3 invoice after year end.
to ensure they are posted to correct period.
13 branches that i need to do cut off test.
then, my last task is other income-transaction test.
my colleague helped me by auditing purchase & expenses.
after one week+ staying at client company, went bk to our office.
and yesterday, i printed out all the working papers.
truly touched when i saw my hardwork.. :)
audit is really not easy if you're dealing with big company.
I really learnt alottttttt.
before doing audit, wat I did is key in UBS, only one company that i had key.
when having those invoices that I dont know how to key,
told by the staff to just enter in Suspense a/c,
so basically, nothing much to learn bcs i already had concept in ubs.
Therefore, im thankful for having chance to learn audit.
and realised that
learnt by yourself actually gains more.
But, after this, i know clearly audit will not be my permanent job,
bcs it has time limits, without OT you cant finish.
since my audit, i had ot quite many days at home..
having to drink coffee for 3 days..
requires alot of hard work- thinking,energy.
mayb i will work in auditing field first to learn,like one year,
and then step to commercial firm to work as permanent staff.xD
lol, such a long sharing of my working experience..
btw, yesterday my manager has treated all the account staff, bcs its my last day.
I love this company bcs whenever thr's staff leaving, sure have farewell lunch :)

my office
during audit in client company,see the big bunch of invoice,its like just 20% invoices of one branch. Imagine,how many invoices i need to move out from the store room.
made by dear mum. she told me when she went to maslee(super market)
terthink that she used to make yogurt last time for me,so she bought one original yogurt to make yogurts. my mum is the best!
its simple. pour milk powder then hot water (the portion depends on how many container you wanna make, my mum made 5.) lastly, just pour one scoop of the original yogurt into the milk.
pour them into container and left them for one day & put inside fridge. :)

recently, there's airasia hotness.
yunqi, kon & florence called me for this.
pity that our hips airasia trip is no more,
kon has successfully booked phucket, haha,its PULAU again! yippie!
flo called me to join her and her fren to Bali,but i rejected. :x
coz i prefer traveling with only best frens,must be all familiar one, jim paiseh..

andandddddd, taiwan trip for this october.
High possibility going..with mummy!
and waiting for him to make decision on whether to join us ont..

Life's Great!


Joyce said...

We have really gone through our hard time in auditing, n I feel so sorry to huanyan bcs of leaving all my incomplete tasks for him, I hope he will not hate me for that =.=' btw, as ur thought of not taking auditing as permanent job in the future, I totally agree with u XD that's exactly what I said to my family members after finishing the job! Let's be a professioner accountant instead! XD Lastly, I feel very happy to work with all of u as a team, I think this internship experience is the best one in my life, it is my pleasure to work with u all n hwaiting for our 3rd year studying ya! =)

llx said...

haha wont la,thats part of his job ma..i feel great to work with all good colleagues too :) all the best for our last year!

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