Friday, October 14, 2011

Dear blog

hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii my dear blog!!!!!!!
beeen long time im not here.
first:my maxis is toooo slow to explore any websites
2nd: i went out very often xD
there are really lotssss of thing i wanna share here :)
day before my uni life starts, i hang out with cuien again!
@ da zui ba near sutera mall,only rm9.9 with 3 hours of singing+one lunch,11.30am,such a great great deal :)
after singk session,went sutera mall and SHOPPING.its like few monthssss i din shop at all.million thx to cuien,i got to buy 2 dress @rm25 each.then we headed for desserts,a long day with her and i enjoy to the max :)

as for my uni life,so far its being okay for me, 5 subjects this year.
still can understand the lec+tutorial this 2 weeks,i hope i cn keep achieving this for the rest of the weeks until my final,please~
what makes me happy is I get to be in the same tutorial class with my gang:christina,tiara,yingshin, we applied this during last year.
Last year, I skipped alot tutorials for those sub which im alone.
its really suffering, i got no one to talk to, no one to ask except tutor,
feeeeel very demotivated to go for class. :(
so im really thankful for now i am in the same class for all sub with my friends
Friends are really important,with their existence it makes you cheer. :)

for my new house, well last year i stayed in our uni hostel, and they increased the fee so i decided to move out with my roommate-ys,
to nearby flat, 10mins walk to the uni,(quite far actually)
my other 2 housemates are great, eve-studying same course & sage-frm jb too :)
and, there's a TV here! yeah~~~
and i think i also getting fat, eat damn lot haha, with him, with his family
every after the meal my tummy is bloating obviously xD

lets start with this
kon used to purchase this voucher (rm20+) original is rm40+ i think
Gem restaurant with indian dishes,location is stated in the pic below.
the voucher includes two sets of nasi briyani(you can choose fish/chic/blabla i fgt) and two lassi(yoghurt+fruit drink). I pretty enjoy the food esp the sauce,while he love the rice ;)

11/10/11, a day before his birthday, we went to this restaurant..called subak
situated at kl(i duno the add) its within housing areas, and those houses you see are big grand ones
kon bought everyday voucher too,this one is rather expensive,one set @rm40+(original rm80+)
the ambience is very niceeee, nature theme. and i think afternoon will be the best time to come here.

long time din pose this kind of smile, weee :Dwith his iphone(front camera)
with my samsung sl (the back camera)
ice lemon tea+longan pandan with selasih
popiah as starter(not included in voucher)
the meal which costs originally rm80+, salmon+oysters+prawn+salad+egg
i order this,(not included in voucher)around rm20 if i din remember wrongly.
overall, the dish is not that niceee, i mean, not really worth the price,
the reason why they can charge high price is probably due to the atmosphere+service.
bye subak

soo, its his birthday gift this year,again handmade by me,
give him during the birthday party on 8 october
i can tell he pretty likes it and im glad & relieved :)
then on his birthday-12 oct, i bought this 'choc and white cheese' at breadstory
wish my boy's wishes all come true :) stay healthy & happy,loveee.

random~ there are ducks at the lakeside lol

oops its 1.46 already and tmr i have 8am class,night!


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