Friday, January 6, 2012

many updatesss

just found out my draft on 15 nov 2011.
the pics are the birthday gifts from my babe.

its 2012, brand new year..
i often had nightmares related to tsunami @@
hope its not end of the world.
there are still many more years i looking forward to!

okay update bout my uni fren tiara birthday celebration, she invited chris,ys,yeng and me + my bf. around dec~~
so i sat kon car and we went all the way to melaka-a famosa villa for the bbq birthday party!
it was indeeeeed fun! i loveeee the bbq so much! barbq chicken wings, hotdog, SOTONG-the best haha,and many moreeee :D
and then i learnt how to play mahjong, hehe i played many times via iphone so i had some basic skills, and i managed to win few rounds, im so proud of myself
we played till 5++am, geng ont. lol
happy birthday tiara! :)

next thg, belated bdae gift from jiejie!!!bracelet which suit my dress for the wedding day :D
how mean she is.hahahaa. she asked me flip over the card and look to the right side.
you WERE such a cute baby, WHAT HAPPENED?
i took some time to get what she mean.
thankssss anyway my beloved jie!
on kon dajie wedding day, everyone is quite busy
my task is to walk with bf with other 花童and 伴郎伴娘
the wedding theme is fairy tale.
had some tears hearing the couple's speech on stage :') touched.
probably the grandest wedding i have seen!
the flower i held when walking

my hair set by the make-up artist. had some hard time when i had my make up, she asked me not to blink eyes, i cnt do it while my tears almost fall.impossible to open eyes throughout the way lor. and i had to keep lifting my head,super 酸~~haha. the thickest make up i had. not really like it,i look so old!!but nvm.
reason i blog?
just a way to escape from being guilty as im not studying!

ps: received my nuff cheque, omg i cant believe it.haha.thanks nuffnang :D


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