Monday, February 13, 2012


today is 13 february 2012..
16 days to my aic assignment submission.
holy crap!! im so scared of everything about aic but i still hvnt taken any further step in completing this assignment. many moresssss to do ler!
analysis, relevance & reliability, 14 weeks learning logs, reflective report.
i touched one point for analysis and R&R only, then 2 weeks of learning logs.
submitted the draft, what i got was 2 lines feedback, saying that my points are okay.
basically the feedback doesnt help at all!
but since they said ur assignment is marked by your respective supervisor, i should not be sooo worried gua. should start doing it after 14 feb!
my cny was great, able to eat all my favourite food :D
i bought ONLY 2 clothes for this year, for the first time! my cny shirts always exceeded six for the past years.
this clearly showed that my shopping mood=effin low.
Loved the fireworksss especially on chu yi 12am. fireworks all around,loved my neighboursssss
bk to kampung chit chat with cousin, though we met once every year, she's always my知音。
met shyan toooooo! she came my house and we talked everything about our love life. haha!
she's such a blissful girl and im genuinely happy & touched for her :)

so my last holiday was during 5 to 7 feb, went singapore with kon+his family
NICE trip! Best hotel with the best swimming pool! & Jacuzzi!
went Universal Studios for the first time. that day cirit birit+ vomited, thanks god it was before entering U.S. so i got to play those exciting games :D
here are some photos taken. i took extremely few photos. XD
kon with corns
this is called battlestar i think? so we played one of them(i fgt red/blue rails) the less scary one-which is already scary for me. so we dared not play another one dy lol

sushi tei. delicious sushi. loved salmon!

sooooooo tomorrow is 14 february. would be my 2nd valentine day with him.
i bought his valentine gift, which was wrapped by two plastic bags, which is now in his car.i warned him not to open it. hope that he will like it lar when he sees it tomorrow.


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