Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Valentine

This is my 2nd valentine day with him :)

Remembering our first valentine day, we din have dinner together
so this year consider a proper celebration gua hehe..
i had class till 5pm, quickly went back to prepare
that moment, feeling abit nervous, abit excited, 期待
sooo, phone rang, he reached.
i went downstairs from my hostel, and saw him holding this (pic below)
What's Next?????
our destination - The Curve , reached there around 8++ pm
decided to have dinner @Italiannies
not bad, eat till very full, i love the strawberry cheesecake the most!
conclusion, i love this dinner, the atmosphere everythinggggg :D
then, haywire. he booked the movie earlier, then my friend told me it sucks.
haha. it was. I hate the background music, annoying!

time to go back. had some small argument..then i saw my valentine gift on his hand..
the magic mug!
it was black when cold, pouring some hot water and you will see this~

to be honest, i knew about the mug as i accidentally saw his hotmail (when using his iphone safari) so i scroll and scroll, saw the first line of the poems. i gave up scrolling down again, did not want to spoil the surprise! im glad coz when i saw the lines yesterday, realising my name-lixuan was in the poem. bit of tears accumulated in my eyes, gamdong :')
then i saw another side, its our pic! no wonder that day he kept asking me which photo niceee

So, my turn...
again, i would still make card for him, to write down all my心里话
two love birds XD
dang dang!!!!!!!!!!
i bought him toy car x)
when we're in shopping mall, he often will bring me to 'toys r us', hanging around.
he loved to see those tiny cars..haha
promised to buy him one long ago, and i finally fulfilled it.
this was my last surprise from him.
Carlo Rino
when we travelled in shopping mall @singapore, passed by miu miu,
he said cant afford to buy miu miu for me, i just replied: buy carlo rino lor.
i never yearn for any brand of bags/whatever..
din know he really went and get one for me.
anyway, i will only bring it with me when shopping/special occasion.

Had a great valentine day.
You will always be my favourite valentine, kwl.


cardcaptorng said...

my goodness gracious!! that was such a sweet valentine :)

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