Tuesday, April 3, 2012

i think i sort of wanna get rid of my guilt & stress.
thats why i cm here to blog again.x)

this is our uni's gym.
got to enjoy it with free of charge, the fees will take place since 1st april.
i neverrrrrr exercise in gym before. last time i was still under 18 and can only view my sister and mummy exercising in gym from outside lol..
so, its my first time!
i wore the inappropriate shoes (wawa xie), it was a sudden decision bcs my 8am lecture gt cancelled.
Still, i got to play many kinds of those equipment and when i sorta finished exercising, the staff baru cm & warned me. xD lucky me!
i din try that (first row of pic above) very interested but i cnt,coz my shoes not suitable to stand/run on it.
this experience sorts of motivate me in exercising coz i really wish to have a fit tummy (in good shape haha)
persons in the pic above are tiara & christina. gotta thanks to christina as she's the one who suggested this hoho.

while this pic, the story behind - this is actually the first time i eat yoghurt alone @shopping mall.lol.

spent my rm100 book voucher finally! i hope i cn fully utilise the 2 books i bought.好汤好水is great for me coz i loveeeeee soups to the max. if the recipe too complex i will just give it to my mummy as present XD

every 1st day of the month is the special day for my boy & I.
we went dating on 31 march, eat 龙的传人 & watched wrath of the titans
麻婆豆腐, 超配饭.must learn to cook coz both of us love this.

together for 23 months, thanks for always being there for me, my jagung boy.


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