Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Potato dish - VIOLA

i just learnt a new dish with regard to POTATO.
i always love potatoes and only able to cook either potato soup/fried potato.
soo its just sooo great to learn a new potato dish! from Viola my buddy.
gonna paste her recipe here so in the future i can track this recipe and cook it! :D

first you cut the potatoes into slices. depends how big you want the dish to be. normally i use around 4 to 5 potatoes. then i boil it. meantime, i will start chopping hams into small pieces. after the potatoes are done, i will start arranging them in a "microwaveable" pot or bowl (neatly). then alongside with it, i will start adding those small pieces of hams in every layer while adding salt (because potatoes are tasteless). after that i start to beat the eggs (around 3 depending on the size of your portion) and mixed milk and pepper with it. then i pour it all over the potatoes. finally, add cheese to it. it will taste a lot better with cheese. LAST STEP, put it into the oven and baked for at least 30mins. if wan browner, 40 mins.

by Viola


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