Thursday, April 12, 2012

Truffles @ Taylor's Lakeside Campus

Before i start my CRTP revision, i wanna blog about my lunch todayyy!
my friends & I ALWAYS wanted to dine in student restaurant before we graduate
As our campus has students who taking hospitality, there are specific restaurants for their training -like cooking,serving customers..
Finally, one week before we (Christina, Jamie, Tiara & Yingshin) managed to book for this restaurant - Truffles. Some other restaurants are Thyme, Tarragon, Tangerine. you get to preview the menu list before you make the booking~

Dang dang, this is the menu~
First, we are served with bread with butter
Second, scallop+prawn+pasta+salad.
Third, chicken+pumpkin+potato with special sauce
Lastly, the dessert - pudding with strawberry+kiwi!
Can you guess how much this lunch costs us?
RM10 per person!
Its impossible to pay this price for the outside restaurants lor, little pudding already costs rm6 gua? hahaa
Plussss, i like every of the dishes served, nicely decorated & quite tasty too. Its a super full lunch~
the trainees (students) who serve us are super polite and nice too :D
All i wanna conclude is that I really really enjoy my lunch @Truffles today! :)) Great memory!


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