Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Happy Birthday papa!

today is papa birthday and i hvnt even wished him yet~~~
studying till 7am today, he saw it and asked me to sleeeeeep, my response was blur bcs my brain was already blur that time!
he plays badminton twice every week and definitely sport shirt is the best gift~
went sutera mall with jie and we chose a very suitable one (the material and color suits) instead of the one we both fancy (which is quite fashionable and cool).haha
sure that papa gonna wear it very often!
the next thing is the birthday cake, its jiejie's and my first time to ever choose cake for papa.  coz dulu either papa or mama buy the cake. 
we chose the type which we never try before (in the past we always eat the typical cake we love xD) also, its squared-sized (in the past always round shape)
So papa just cm bk and i wished him :)
happy birthday papa!
coming back to jb during study week is the best decision coz i finally get to celebrate with you. the last 3 years i werent with you.
and all family members are together this time :D im soooooooo happy!
wish papa healthy always, happy always, best best in everything!
now im the only one studying, and you must really hope i get good results.
i will try my very best for this final, to pass every subject and hopefully, get a second upper class! which i need to maintain above 60 i think, all the best!

once again


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