Friday, June 22, 2012

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My Happy Tuesday and my result~~

met up yongxing this tuesday :)))
went loudspeaker & sutera mall~
i think the last time i saw her was not too long ago,during january 2012.
both of us are now very free and therefore got to meet up hoho.
din sing much bcs we just kept talking, too much to catch up.
the feeling of chatting heart-to-heart with bff is just so great!
thanks for listening and sharing your stuff ^^
hope we cn meet soon, together with all other bffs, anticipating our reunion!
thanks for your super cute sweets, i tried, its niceeeee :D

then when i got home, received a little surprise from kon :)
hahaaa papa was there too when i opened it.
they are some useful stuffs hehe, thanks my babe for this sweet post.
hehe i have some surprise for him too, but he already know what was it, i told him coz i wanted him to choose the color he prefers,lol.
another good news, BIG BIG GOOD NEWS!
my result was out yesterday!
tiara called me and i straightaway jumped off from my chair and ran upstairs to turn on my computer.
i never had such kind of heartbeat, i wont feel like this during my last three years bcs im confident that i will pass my subjects.
when i was about to see my result, my heart was about to pop out!
tooooooooo nervous, too afraid, but i was eager to know my result!
when i saw everything on there showed PASS one by one
i was really touched and happy and glad, too many mixed feelings to describe.
thanks for these passes, i can say that i graduated :)
now the matter to be concerned is my degree class.
is either first or second upper, my average mark is too sensitive and its hard for me to classify :(
but anyway, whichever outcome, im happy with it!
ever since my AIC exam, i had been worrying non stop on whether i can pass or not.
i was prepared for the worst, prepared to see a FAIL and go for a referral for AIC.
this event traumatized me everyday, deeply into my heart T_T
also, the mark i got for this subject was way up higher than what i expect, so thanksssss! thanks to all tutors who marked my paper.
now its time for job hunting.


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