Sunday, July 1, 2012


mummy's home cooked food

yesterday went to a seafood restaurant - 三楼 to celebrate my result..
mummy said we went one time before but i couldnt remember at all
whenever we have celebration, we always chose 杨记 nearby
their food is delicious and fast-served!eat for 10+ years, loyal customer.
therefore,my knowledge of famous food @jb is super limited. lol
so yesterday was a really special one, gone through half an hour of traffic jam only reached.
very satisfied with the dishes, esp the pepper crab & steamed fish! :)

i love to stay home for many reasonsss.
one of them is: my mum's famous home cooked food.
i love sunday as well bcs every sunday she will go to pasar pagi to buy breakfast,soya and sometimes, 芝麻鸡 and 卤鸭-my all time favourites!

curry fish head
 curry chicken
 卤鸭-ate this today and now im still craving for it, duno why i so crazy with it~so curious about their recipe.
still fretting over my jobs..
still fretting over the location
but seems like today there's an answer.
dont worry, i will certainly get a job by august,jiayou~

for my love, happy 26 <3



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