Sunday, October 14, 2012


The Birthday Boy

12 october is his big day!!!
i did not buy any gift for him yet, wait till i got my salary first ba XD
How we celebrate?
First, celebrate @restaurant with his family..his mummy purposely celebrate earlier to let only both of us to celebrate on his 'official' birthday.  :)

The next day, I decided to cook for the birthday boy~~
Went to Giant to buy the materials of Olio Spaghetti & Potato Soup.
This is the recipe of Olio Spaghetti I got from internet! Simple steps!
I love white mushrooms! 
Dang Dang!! here's the outcome! My first try considered success la hehe..


Potato soup~~to fill my desire. I drank 3/4 of the soup :)
Then, had healthy drink-banana milk juice and oreo-banana-milk juice. NICE!

On his birthday, we had lunch @dotz cafe nearby.. Like the ambiance. Tasty food too! 

At night, we chose Brotzeit @sunway pyramid to dine bcs we're craving for the sausages~
My english breakfast tea and his beeeer.. 
hehe i stole the candle from the next table.. yeahh candlelight dinner! X)
their waiter perform good service, who offered to help us to take photograph :)
german sausages+pork ribs
 Then, went for movie @tropicana city mall.
My first time buying movie ticket via online! hehee..

Wish my boy to have a great greaaat life..happy,healthy,and may all his wishes come true..
This is the 3rd year I celebrated together with him, there will be more and more ahead...


SKY said...

i sat the same seat last time XDD

Li Ping =) said...

bibi, u look pretty with ur hair, especially the ones where u wearing ribbon it!!

llx said...

to sky: hmm i read ur blog,ure from uwe? which girl ah?haha

To jie: heehee thanks lar..when ur hair long oso will look like my hair,so stop emo over ur hairstyle lol

SUSAN said...

Haha although this is so long ago, I have not been updating with your life so I decided to take a look here! The food look yum, can teach me how to cook? haha.

Wish the best for you both! =))

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