Saturday, October 27, 2012


Sooo Fast

relax-ing in the house right now~~~
watched Silent Hill & ate BarBQ yesterday @Paradigm
What more can i ask for? :DDDD
Have been working for 2 weeks up until now,
i can only conclude that time passed so fast! 2 weeks felt like my 5 days? lol
about work, im still having 'honeymoon' bcs the busiest period of my job is during the beginning of every month which is getting closer. jiayou laaa..
Like the company bcs so far its the biggest company that i work, like the environment too..and luckily i get along with other colleagues :)
The best thing is that I just got my half month salary the day before yesterday.
I just feel so great!!
Finally im able to earn my very own money, not taking account of salary of previous internship (few hundreds)
A sense of satisfaction i can say.
There are some lists (things-to-buy) on my mind but i will just wait. Need to accumulate.
Next week would be my convocation and the bad news is,
I havent got myself any dress/blouse/shoes/etc for the convo!
gotta go shopping asap.
Talking about convocation,
I really cant wait for this day to comeeeee!!!
Want to seeeee my family so badly!! one month already!
And mum told me after my convocation we gonna take family portrait-全家福!
i always wanted a 全家福.this is why graduation means so much to me!
A moment to celebrate, a moment to take photo.
Planning to go bk jb during my birthday, that week (november) has alot of public holiday so i probably will apply leave on my birthday :D
Promise myself whenever there are public holidays i would try my best to go home, I miss them so much and wanna spend my holiday with them!
Family is forever the LOVE
thats all. its time to have some entertainment-kangxi/youtube/dota/blablaaaa hehee


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