Monday, April 8, 2013

some random**** I need some escape

so i was discussing my trip with my hips members...
our pulau trip our pulau trip, find out after working its even harder to get all of us matching our date.
eventhough I am now independent, now time is the constraint.
but i know we gonna make it so lalala :)


Now i really feel like traveling >.<
fgt since when I started to dream to stay in Villa,
which is very spacious and comfortable.
with private pool / Jacuzzi / big bathtub..
I know this is luxury, and its not a meaningful one.
But trust meeeeeeeee,
I just want to relax in this current state.without having to do so many activities. lol

**Its something like this

@Bali, recommended by my ex-colleague!! and i really like it! but of coz it may not look that romantic as the pic above laaa. lol

She told me it was around rm700 last time, and now i went to the website and found out,
usd 375. =.= so it rose to 1000. T_T
how am i gonna plan for it?
so i think i need to wait longer for this kind of luxury~~ haha.

for now just go somewhere local first lol.

my dream villa, any of the villa, someday I will *buy you up for #one day, or two days perhaps :D



Florence said...

Hey. Lets go. I wanna go bali too. Haha!

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