Friday, April 5, 2013

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2011 to 2013

was reading my jiejie little old blog and realizing,
how scary that the time just passed like this.....
she's been together with her bf since 2011.
that was long time ago where I dont even aware of.
It seems like 2011 stops.

Am i really old?
Its amazing that I still think I'm 21 while in fact I'm 23. lol.
A hectic working life makes the time pass even fasterrrrrrr.
and I really dont like it.
I also cant believe i have worked for almost 6 months.
My 6 months. Other than working, what else did I do?


I do not want to waste my time like this.
Working is necessary but I must do something meaningful.
like Travel.
I want a fun lifeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
must make use of every holidays and weekends of mine.


Btw, work is still about OT but of course my life now is soooo much better than last time.
Do not need to stay till 9 or 10 anymore, walao thinking back of it I really feel suck. lol.
More steady now. 
Learned alot. Excel,Sap,account,forecast,audit,scrap,stocktake.
To conclude, excel and SAP are the basic requirements of my job scope.
I would say Excel is the most skill that I learn in this co coz basically Im using excel to do all the reports.
Second, SAP. Everyday I would need to login this system and extract/see the accounts.
Third, handling with ppl. 
From the always nervous girl, then a transformation to slightly better and calm girl lol.

Working Experience, its what I gain.


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