Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Bangkok day 1

Since im so free right now, I will just blog about my bangkok trip during august.
had 4d3n there, flight+hotel fare around rm600 per pax
stayed @hotel mermaid near sukhumvit which is quite new, worth it.

Basically the whole trip we fully utilize the public transport.
There are 2 super convenient public transport - BTS (its similar with LRT) and MRT.
just 10min walking distance from the hotel.
Through these two you can access to any shopping complex, like anywhere. I'm so impressed. They are fast too.
To take those public transport, you must have alot of coins to purchase the ticket via machine, you can exchange the coins from the counter. There are a few machine which you can use notes too. frm 15 - 50 baht depending the location if im not mistaken.

Went to a restaurant called SomTam near a street around Siam Square.
Tried their fried chicken wing (nicenice),papaya salad,pork slice. Love the chicken wing the most.

Then we walked to Siam Square to explore. I love the entire ambiance of this shopping mall.
I love their decoration. Pretty amazed by their toilet! lol.
When i walked in I just saw alot of girls applying makeup.
Siam paragon is just located beside Siam Square.


If you ask me whats the thing I love the most about Thailand,
its certainly their night-market. You can see nightmarket everywhere near any shopping complex.
love the food especially their pork stick and coconut hehe.
its just that the nightmarkets are too crowded. have to squeeze and squeeze~

day 1 is simple and nice.
Im so lazy to write details.
Just posting up some random pics will do.



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