Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Bangkok Day 2 - Chatuchak

my day 2 falls on saturday where we went to the famous Chatuchak market. Fyi, it opens during weekends.
like a giant pasar I can say, food drinks Clothes,yupppp alot alot of shopping.
okay, talking bout how to go there - same. bts or mrt
our hotel situated near asok/sukhumvit, then you can take either bts or mrt to Mo Chit/Chatuchak park :)

here we arrived - chatuchak! 

the first thing is to eat, bought this chicken satay, super tasty! miss it.
btw Please dont wear singlet to chatuchak, it was my terrible mistake, 
or if you wanna wear, please and must apply sunblock! i din apply @@
as a result, my both arms turned red the next day and i felt a hot pain... lol
you can easily feel hot and thirsty when you travel @thailand, and coconut will be the best drink of all hehe.
had alot of coconuts during this trip and one of the thing i miss is certainly their handmake coconut ice cream.
best lah~
  some random pics..

 yuckssss, insects ewww..

hmm for shopping, to be honest I din buy alot, im not good @shopping, duno how to choose though there are plenty of choices.
but i find out most of the clothes i saw selling online you can also buy @bangkok. they are like the retailers.
also, you must be very good in potong price, which I'm especially weak in :(
but i bought a bikini there with discounted price. first i went in and look around, i asked her how much.
she said 400/350 baht. then i thought and wanna leave but she pulled me back and give me a calculator, i clicked a 250 baht and showed her, she said cannot and said 300 baht.
i hestitated and told her nvm bcs I was not that interested and wanna just leave.
mana tau she said Okay loll, so i just bought lu~
and you have to buy alot in order to get discounts, so its better to organize girls trip to bangkok i think.
I mostly bought some basics like singlets, shorts, slippers..
Singlet as per pic below, it costs 80 baht, some shops sold 100 baht (rm10) so better explore more before you buy coz most shops sell the same thing..
also for me, I think im more suitable to shop @platinum mall, bcs its air-con based lol, you can slowly take your time to choose the ones you like~
I went there like after 7 and we saw every shop is closing..bcs platinum mall only opens until 8pm!!! so i din buy anything over there..rmb must go before 8pm if you wanna shop @platinum!

see how crowded chatuchak is,
really you must know how to squeeze you just have to keep langgar people only.

then we went back and on the way we walked back to hotel, saw this stall and we bought drinks again.
Teh ais, super niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeee bcs they put alot of milk and ices. it tasted quite sweet but really syok to drink it under the hot weather.

at night, we went to search the salted baked fish @nightmarket.
i think its quite easy to find salted baked fish around any nightmarkets, so no worries~
we ordered alot, salted baked fish, fried rice, pork, sotong.
if i were to choose again, i will not order sotong bcs at the end we cnt finish
end up tapau the sotong but I dont have space anymore and have to throw it :(

the pub near our hotel, just took a pic but din enroll~

here I end my day 2 post with bangkok's night scenery.



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