Thursday, October 31, 2013

Day 3 we went to Chao Phraya River to visit Wat Pho and Wat Arun.
took public transport to Saphan Taksin station~
we bought the one day ticket at ticket counter for 150 baht per pax bcs we planned to come again at night.
if you dont buy the one day ticket, you cn straightaway queue and pay after you get on the boat, ard 30baht
The first destination - Wat Pho
the temple is very large we used up more than an hour to walk around..



the 2nd stop - Wat Arun
I was sooooo afraid to climb the staircase which needs extra BIG step to climb up to the next floor.
then when I climbed up to the highest, i looked down and saw many tiny ppl climbing up.
I had 'height phobia' 
it took me alot of courage before I climbed down.
But then, when I made the first climb I realised its not scary at all lol
need to squat while climbing down, funny & awkward position XD
wat arun is totally different during night! both fascinating!
 later the night scene will be shown below :D

we had lunch @ a random shop,
ordered pad thai for the first time and soooo nice! but i forgot to take pics! :(
its something like this, taste like kueyteow~  yumyummmmm!
then we took tuk tuk to Asiatique, our first time taking tuk tuk :D
we did nothing much there, just had drinks without any shopping haha~
went  back to hotel to rest after Asiatique.

at night, we came to the same river again to visit wat arun! and also chinatown.
all bought frm bangkok, t shirt-100baht, shorts-200 baht, slippers-50 baht

we can only visit Wat Arun from opposite bcs the last boat is around 8pm if im not mistaken..
totally worth to visit Wat Arun at night! took alot of pics hehe


after enjoying the scenery, its time for dinner. we took taxi to chinatown to specially look for the famous prawns!


This is the famous shop selling very big prawns.
we ordered prawns, tom yam, and fried rice.
I really miss it like right now!!!
both prawns and tomyam are really yummy and delicious!
I loved the soup it tasted spicy but you just cnt get enough of it.
oh i miss it!
Im a huge fan of thailand's food la lol~

thats my day 3!!!
the next post will be my last day of bangkok trip and should probably be filled up with tons of photos bcs we visited madame tussauds~


Li Ping =) said...

wa ur bangkok photo vr pretty ler
the one with temple, love it!!

llx said...

told you bangkok is nice lo~~~

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