Saturday, November 29, 2014

after 2 years. welcome back to study life!

it had been 2 years since I graduated from my degree...
i always planned to study+work right after the graduation, but things were always unexpected.
i lost the passion the goal to study after getting busy&stressed with the jobs, i forgot it...
i'm glad i quit that job after 10 months & found a new one.
working in this company for over a year now, overall, I'm happy and doing good! :)
it took me alot of courage to step back into this study life again.
and well, i still have long way to go since i only took one subject of foundation which i do not get exempted to.
i have a tough time bcs i'm no longer the girl who was so rajin during the college time.
working does change me. 
tired everyday and all i do when i get back to home is - eat,tv,shows,sleep.
and then, i decided to buy a notebook to make some notes, but i slacked soon after a few days of studying...
so now, i still have 2 more chapters to go.
the exam is the day after tomorrow.
bring it on, the 'study spirit'
i wish myself all the best and good luck in the exam.
jiayou llx!!!!


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