Tuesday, January 6, 2015


I might be too late for the new year resolution XD
happy new year! welcome 2015!
first, I wish this year will be a happy year with everything going well for malaysia, for our world, with peace :)

to conclude 2014 in short, I think its a good year for myself (family/career/relationship/friends)
and I finally started fulfilling my long-lost target in 2014, no more procrastination.

For 2015
All the best for my job & studies.
in terms of job, I hope for new challenges & new things to learn
while for studies, i still aim to take 3 subjects this year and 3 more next year in 2016 and PASS all of them.

I want myself to be more mature & independent & smarter & steady in handling every matters/social & many more. jiayou!

Also hope for the best for everything for my family, my love & my friends & myself, be it health/career/love/relationship/studies/etc

hello 2015


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