Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Ipanel Malaysia

Another survey I joined is called Ipanel Malaysia, total cash collected is less than global test market as of now..
but the pros is that for ipanelonline, i can straightaway redeem min RM10 (which is equivalent to 1000 points) as against GTM (which you only cn redeem after you store min of 1100 points).

Global test market average 20-80 points per survey (if got screened out you get 5 points)
IpanelOnline average 100-400 points per survey (if got screened out you get 1-5 points)

Ipanel Malaysia is a malaysia online survey in which we can choose to answer the survey in triple language: English,Malay or Chinese.
So far I have collected RM50, the cons is that you can only transfer the money to Paypal account and there is charges for the transfer.

Jumlah tunai yang diambilalih
Penebusan kali审核中Ganjaran jumlah
50.00 50.00 MYR



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