Monday, February 9, 2015

8.2.15 HIPS 12th Anniversary

ohyeahhhh suddenly got mood to updateeee~~

just wanna say happy 12th Anniversary for HIPS, for this friendship
seriously, im never the first one to wish in our group.
its not that I dont remember this day: 8.2.13 the day we formed HIPS
but just dont have that sense to remember to wish until someone in our group posted in whatsapp
its always qi or nny who posted first lol
hahaha. so I hope the next year 2016 I'm the first one!!

so let me explain again whats the meaning of HIPS
H-Qi (Heby) I- me (Iris) P-Penny S-tyan (Sieh)
i think of this name (actually there's a japanese girls group which i saw on TV, called hips, so basically they are the inspiration of this name ahaha)

i think the very good point of forming group name is that it really forms a strong bond among us
we are always so full of spirit when we shouted our slogan - HIPS forever, HIPS HIPS Hooray!!!!
and in every gathering, if there are only three of us, we always feel incomplete.
I call them my jimuisss...
and bcs of this HIPS, we always get to travel together in a group of four. though the destination so far are all domestic, i sincerely hope we will fulfil our singapore trip, then BKK, then many more countries :)


HIPS forever.


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