Monday, May 12, 2014


i have so much to share about my trip but i guess i really lost the passion & patience to blog,
coz it took alot effort to brief every detail of the trip, hope i will blog about it someday lol
just wanna conclude that this is the first ever time of my pulau trip that i TRIED so many things!
cliff dive,helmet diving,parachute,buggy ride,even banana boat was my first time!
coz everytime i go pulau, i only play by beach, by sea & snorkeling. (my usual routine)
during boracay trip, i basically played almost all water activities at once.
and first time in my life to see dolphins! we saw a pair of dolphins 'fly up' from sea, the moment we took our phone for photo they disappear..superrrrrr beautiful creatures!
ohh and also my first time experiencing whole body massage! its included in the hotel package.
thanks kon for planning all this!
or else I will never know a pulau trip can be so packed and fun :D
boracay was used to be an impossible/faraway dream for me coz i had a tight budget, spending thousands just for airtickets was once unacceptable for me.
and I'm soooo glad and sooooo NOT regretful to spend it hahahaa, super worth it! Paradise.
and this experience made me believe that our maldives trip would come trueeeeee.
rm10k budget. bcs to us its a must to stay in a niceeee villa if you want to visit maldives
maldives, you're next, or maybe after redang.
Redang is a super great place for snorkeling, full of beautiful corals & fish and its a place i would like to go again!
also needless to say through this trip i realised how meticulous kon is,
he always is,but this time he really did alot of things to make this trip so perfect!

He bought the monopod, where it made so many of our photos look like taken by a third party XD
it was also super useful, we took alot of niceee photos thanks to it!

he was my super photographer who took alot of nice photo for me....
he also shared to me some photos before the trip on how to pose, like standing pose,some hand
at last he complained that he did not have nice photo....
coz all the while i did was enjoy only and be the model and he kept taking pics.
so out of guilt i then took for him tooooo XD
below is all my single photo... photobombsssss!
all i can say is he knows the right angle. i love so many of my photos taken by him.



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