Monday, June 26, 2017

Ipoh trip❤

Had a 2d1n ipoh trip.
the last time I went there was during primary school, sooo long ago.
thanks to my friends I got to travel to this town again and this time round,
I love Ipoh food so much.

We stayed in Merton Hotel
Good location, cheap and they have a big rain shower head.

I just wanna keep a record of their delicious food
I was totally impressed by their food, everything was so nice.
all the places were so easy to locate thanks to Waze.

1. 忠记兵如港大树头炸料粉
    I misss the asam laksa and the yongtaufus.沙葛is one of their signature dish.
    *pic from google, too hungry to snap a photo :p

2. Restoran Sun Tuck Kee
    another must-eat in ipoh - 月光河
    im not a fan of hor fun but this is really different from what I usually taste in jb/kl
    I had at least 3 bowls! 

3. Ming Court Hong Kong Tim Sum
    this is my No 1!!! I only knew锦选(based in selangor) is the best until I try this❤
    super fresh handmade & tasty dimsum!!!

another place we went was Tong Sui Kai (糖水街)
had siham/Mixed Fruit ABC/dried squid...

Here at Lost World Tambun, I love the hot spring the most.

I was like a typical tourist as compared to my friends who often visit ipoh XD
and my friend offered to be my photographer, so kind of her!
1st ever photo with壁画, yayyy

this is二奶巷, wonder about the origin of the street name xD

of coz its compulsory to buy those 烧饼 in ipoh, all for papa!

thank you my degree gang for this lovely trip!
hoping for our next vacation❤



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