Sunday, January 31, 2010


yesterday we made cookies..黄梨&cornflake
for the coming chinese new year..
prefer cornflakes :)
today went to changi airport..
and i found that
my langkawi trip is goneeee..
mummy is planning for her yun nan trip in june,
jiejie must come bk in june..and accompany me go to pulau langkawi..
this vacation is my only driver to study hard.

tomorrow going bk,
this holiday what i did..
sleep till 1pm 2pm.
hang out with qi
only went out with jie for a day..
played badminton at home with her..
abit guilty but i dunno y,
i felt so lazy when im at home
and watched 6 episodes of下一站幸福

thats all i did.
overall, i enjoy :)

term 2 starts
new campus >the lakeside campus
new study life =)
i noe that whenever new term starts, i will keep troubling myself with those stresses
thoseeee workss i need to do for the studies.
i think,
shouldnt be too pessimistic
look for the brighter side.
im still young.


wow long timeee i didnt type this word dy.
rmb during secondary sch, when i wrote my diary,
i would definitely add jiayou at the end to buck up myself.

加油加油 for the term 2!


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