Sunday, January 31, 2010

last meet with shyan my forever BFF

im bk to subang jaya again.
in the bus really beh tahan the man behind my seat,
he's on phone every 10 mins, malay-english-cantonese-mandarin,4 languages he spoke.
he's so busyyy.haha
and today 7pm, i went to sunway pyramid to meet shyan..
as it's rather inconvenient if she comes to my house,tomoro she's going bk to jb.
so we decided to meet at sunway..
this will be the last time i get to see her before she goes overseas for her studies.
its a short reunion, we still chat like usual..
shyan is getting prettier and prettier,love her hairstyle & her wearing! :)
whenever with her..
time could easily pass damn fast
we went to sushi king, eat sambil chat,finished eating we sat there quite long to chat
and after the dinner we found a bench to continue our conversation. xD
then took some photosss,and time to say goodbye :( so unbear lah.
after i got into taxi, she called me..
ooooh she wanted to gv me somethg but forgot..
so she chased my taxi, i saw her at the back running!
and i asked the taxi driver to stop sekejap..luckily i manage to get it from her! =)
it's a chinese new year card plus some of our photosss..

during our conversation,
shyan said she does not feel really excited bout her coming study life in australia..
i could certainly understand her feelingsssss...
but shyan, i think u probably gonna enjoy when the days go by,
hee bcs there are many seasides thr!

whenever u feel stressed or wanna get relax,
together with ur new frens take a tram which will bring u to the beach..
one of the beach is known as Brighton Beach..

gonna missss this best friend of mine really much..
for most of the thgs happen within me,
she would always be the 1st i share my feelings with.
虽然我们感觉上大不相同,朋友圈子不同,成绩不同 haa.....
绝对会保持联络 =)

took four photos with her,upload all of them no matter how they look,
coz they are the precious 4 photos i had with her!!!!


gonna keep our photos in my wallet so that whenever i miss u,i cn have a look of them :)

no matter how, you are forever my best friend.
my only sister..

BFF =)


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