Friday, January 29, 2010

chinese new year >> i will be abit lonely

finally had my 1st战利品...

bought at sutera mall
a pair of slippers :) for rm29.90
cn tahan lasak..sure cn wear for more than a year hehee
i think my shopping mood is getting heavier or could say > higher
thinking of buying high heels with black colour
look like this

7 feb is the shopping day with ahteng..and sharon may join us n_n
and i still wanna watch horror moviessss heheheeee
sunday shyan is coming to my hostel,too bad monday i got to go to sch..=(
really hope during chinese new year we still can meet..time passes really fast right.
tomorrow jie is going to flyyyyyy...
today still argued with her.
k la hope she june cm bk,and we will go to pulau langkawi =)
yesterday spend the day with her
ohya! i would be able to online at hostel..
applied the line and it's MAXIS BROADBAND
well,i had been hating maxis broadband to the max.
1.5G - rm68
expensive like =.=
but what cn i do? wanted to try digi broadband but seem like 'infamous'
after all online just for the purpose to roam the taylors portal (for study),
no drama no youtube.

lets continue with my sing k day with ahjie.
we sang at大嘴叭 from 2.45 to G8
rm12 per person with a free drink. consider okay lah.
音响quite not bad too :)
we recorded so many videosss lol.
i feel that record with camera my voice sounds a lot better!
coz last time using hp,damn teruk lah. lol
hmm but the camera is owned by my jiejie i set my goal.
within 3 yrs i have to get myself a camera.hoohoo
anyway had lots fun.sing with jiejie i very放得开
左边(hp) & 我不是你想象的那么勇敢(camera)
camera sounds better right?
for those who intend to view it
pls forgive my走破音lol!
and lower down the volume! coz my高音can be really annoying.

:) (:

after that headed to sutera mall,that's where we bought our new shoes.

didnt managed to buy any clothes coz the time is short.
paaa cm to fetch us and we went to pasar malam nearby my house..
and guess who i saw again!!!!!!!!!!!
we had strong affinity lah! haaahaaa~
& i ate 5.. best rasanya! now i know y momo always say johor otak very popular.hehee

thesedays i soooo worry for my thingy about the term 2.
still the same thg - learning logs case studies.
and yup!
i hvnt touched any of them!
and i found that yingshin already done till learning log 5 dy!
but me >hvnt even processed to learning log 3!
congrats congrats!
alamak betul!

sunday will be going bk
my term 2 starts on 2nd feb.
busy life is approaching again.
everyday 6pm finish class.congratscongrats :)
:) :)
gao ming(救命)


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