Monday, February 8, 2010

times square =) phew bought my things for cny.

im tired but contented ;)
was so worried coz i cnt buy anythg with low shopping mood last time.
luckily today, lucky. haa!
at 1st me and ahteng cnt get to buy any,too crowded and we felt soo pening lah.
our mood getting better after 5pm.
then buy buy buy.
still, times square,the bad thg > no trying.
u would have to take the risk.
ended up.. one dress doesnt really suit me.but i will still wear it =)

another dress i really like it,looks bit mature, and the size fits me well.
but buttttt! the zip has some problem! rm25 sure this quality..
i found myself bought many dresses,no pant nor short..hmm but ya i rarely wear dress
so thats the way to encourage myself to wear more. i hope i will!!haha
for the shoe,soo geram.
i went to 2 shops,and found my perfect black high heel,which i always wanted for this year.
but, dun have my size,both shops only serve size 37,and mine is 36.
then, finally i still found one though not nicer than the previous 2 shops,
i requested black colour.
when i was trying it, i didnt even realise the shoe the lady gave me was a dark brown.
maybe due to the light i couldnt differentiate the colours.
and when i went bk, i found out!
hmm...still look nice la. still can accept this fact. (:

cheapest - rm10 average - rm25 most expensive - rm60 (the shoe)jie pls dun scold me!

lastly, me and my dear ahteng! :)

gonna sleep.
overall im really glad to get at least somethg to wear during cny.
have to admit i bought quite alot.

last last,



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