Saturday, February 13, 2010


wow seem like many ones are back on friday.
only me the stupid one,bought sat bus ticket.
just because i dun wan to wait at tuition house
coz my papa friday got tuition,when i took bus bk,
he would fetch me to the tuition house,and saya kena tunggu.

who noes,
friday i didnt go to sch.
had replacement on thursday.
skip thursday bitm lec, skip friday ifa lec. xp
omg.papa cnt know this!
feel abit unlucky.
i was sick this week.
i think it began on tues or wed.
i started to cough when i woke up one day.
dunno is it the soya?i bought a big bottle of 豆奶王.
thought its just a cough but then it had gotten worse day by day.
then today afternoon i laosai.
and and,my *period came.
so so soooooo 衰la! hahaa.
anyway,for what had happened,i hope and think that i will still enjoy my happy cny! :)

this thursday,
ehem ehem the reason y we skipped the lec,
suggestion by tiara ;D
要不要去sunway pyramid?
hahaahaa,then ask ask ask,
so four of us - tiara christina yingshin yeng
went gaigai by tiara's car.hoho.

lectures of 6 sub,the same nvr change venue,so sien.

i hate my standing pose.duno y everytimes take photo i will have those freaking weird pose lol!

okay then,
6pm i met up with my friend whose name is kon.
in short, we watched 2 movies + play game.
hmmm.for the 2 movies, okay okay gua.
i held high expectation for锦衣卫,
found it 商业化。
but yet,zhaowei looks damn hot,amazing smile beautiful eyes she had,
越来越喜欢她了。her花木兰is the best!
and甄子丹is so interesting,hes acting funny this time.
another movie - wolfman.
storyline not bad,but i just simply dislike the transformation of the wolfman!
damn ugly! best look of wolfman would be the one from Van Helsing ;)
finished watching 2 movies my eyes super dead.haa!
went bk and tidur.

ohei i got a name for it.
hello 一大粒!

today is saturday ;D
going bk going bk.
10am bus.
wait for me, my jb
this time no potato soup i guess
would be火锅,猪肚汤。
oh oh oh oh mine! yay :DDDDDDD



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