Monday, March 8, 2010

8th of march is her big day :)

2010 8th march holds a special meaning, coz itssssss...
shyueshyan's 19th birthday!!!!!!!
i guess its the first time she has her birthday overseas?
still, every her loved ones will definitely send her the sweetest birthday wishes :)
ha she told me her seniors gave her wine as the present,wow that is so special!
anyway her last teenage gonna ends soon,no more 18..
and may this one year older makes her life gets nicer,happier,healthier...
everythg better in positive way!

she always has her unique sunshine smile,
almost every photos u would never fail to see her with a smiling face :D
to me she is no doubt an optimistic girl,of course she has her weak side.
she cries when she feels sad.

'But why do you need to pretend strong when you know you are not? so, I cry when I want to, I laugh when I want to. And this is me.'
quoted from shyan

but after the tears,she will stand upright again with a strong heart.
she tries her best to always improve herself in everything she does,
i would say她是个很有上进心的女孩,
thats why she could get excellent result/achieve great performance.
thats why she is able to get the petronas scholarship,
and fulfill her dream > studying in aussie.
she is even genius in playing shooting/photohunt/drum games in game arcades! xD
yup if u think she only excels in studies like examination, you are gonna be so wrong!
lol i think i wrote about this,about how pro she is in playing games, quite many times dy.
haha =D
to point out,shes a pisces and im a scorpion, kind of accurate,
these two are the perfect matching horoscope,
it does not apply to all my pisces friends,but only her. =)

jiayou is forever our quote! so,jiayoujiayou shyueshyan!
peace is always our common goal.haha!
bacause everytimes i have photo with her,we sure would come out with 'finger two' pose.
i sincerely hope and wish the best for you shyan.
wherever you are or i am, we are forever best friend and sister.


happy happy birthday! =D


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